The Sims 5

Would you love to see The Sims 5? After The Sims 4 and its great success everyone is expecting the release of the sequel continuation. However, EA doesn’t give any information on that. Let’s imagine what The Sims 5 could be like?

At first, the release of that game could be in 2 decades after the first game. It means lots of innovations are waiting for us, such as new areas, new building and modifying options, and totally new sims. Of course, everyone would love to get all the missing features back. The players complained that they felt a lack of classic features in The Sims 4. The option of swimming pools buildings disappeared totally, and that was a huge mistake. That content was paid or was available in the further expansions. Thus, players would not want the same mistake in the fifth version of the game.

The second thing we would love to see in The Sims 5 is the open world, which was available only in the expansive packs. This was really great to spy on the neighbors. Unfortunately, the illusion of exploring a real living world disappeared in the Sims 4 because of the loading screens. So, getting that option back would be a perfect solution!

Who wouldn’t love to go for a virtual holiday? It wasn’t possible to explore that option to the fullest in the previous series, while they were also available in the expansions only. The Sims 5 is wished to give such a chance to go to the exotic islands and resorts with other sims, who are family members or friends. Even if you can’t do that within a long period of time, which would be really cool to leave the suburb or town and go sunbathing, swimming, and shopping. It could be possible to unlock it after getting a promotion at work, or getting married, etc. But still could be cool.

Each of the Sims fans surely desires a continuation. It would be great if the developers would take into consideration the wishes of players. The game is widely loved, and there is no doubt, the fifth version is going to be loved as well. Everyone is sure there is plenty of potential in the widely known sequel, where each of us could discover his creating talent and breathe life into his secret plans.