The Sims 4

If you want to play a cool life simulator, welcome to The Sims 4. That’s a 4th life simulator in The Sims series. Its official release took place in 2014. The game doesn’t have any certain plot, and the gameplay doesn’t have a certain aim. A player is able to control up to eight characters he has created or chosen. He makes them complete different tasks, including meeting their needs, activities directed on earning money and creating relationships with other characters. A building editor helps create a building in the desired style and accommodate it with any furniture. Your created sims will live in those buildings.

The task of the developers was to improve artificial intelligence of the characters. It was developed taking into account it will be played even on very weak computers. For that purpose, the developers decided to restrict the world openness, as it was in The Sims3, and use a special style requiring details and textures minimalism. It was also decided to add multiple visual effects to the game and lights. The game was deprived various elements of the basic gameplay because of a low budget.

The critics’ reviews were really mixed. The advantages praised were improved editor of the characters and building, the improved intelligence of the characters, beautiful graphics, and surrounding world. Major disadvantages are small playing world, raw overall game, strong gameplay limits, and multiple errors.

The playing process contains a life simulator. You control one or more characters, meet their needs and desires. Each of the town citizens (sims) has his own mind, emotions, personality, and unique appearance. There are two scales of relationships between people, romance and friendship.

As you start a new game, you can choose among existing families from Newcrest, Oasis Springs, and Willow Creek towns, or create a new one. Their age can be absolutely different, from a kid to aged people. The editor contains 24 skin shades and 18 hair shades. It allows to change the features and body forms, but not their height. Each of the sims has his life objectives and personality traits, affecting his further behavior and desires. You can change his life objective anytime in a life mode. If you create several sims, you can make them relatives or spouses. It’s possible to see genetics and all the relatives (even the deceased ones) of each character in his relationships menu. One family cannot have more than 8 people.