The Sims 4 Update

The bestselling of The Sims series is its fourth version released in 2018. It grants players with multiple opportunities to have fun. The gamers now can make unique sims, with interesting traits, and build new cool homes.

The characters now are much smarter and wiser. Their emotions are modified depending on their activities and different situations. At that version, sims are able to do more than one task simultaneously. Just like people in real life, they can watch TV, talk and eat at the same time. You will also enjoy building new homes; it is much easier, while there are more tools. There is a new function now; you can make your rooms smaller or bigger by moving their walls.

Different public places, such as fitness clubs or bars are also at your disposal. Your sims will not get bored now and can spend their time right there. You can buy several packs separately. These packs include three expansions varieties allowing you to add new features, interactions, objects, stuff, etc. You are able to update your edition for free once per month. It will give you new gameplay and goals. The version has its advantages and disadvantages. Among its advantages we can name speedy performance, more realistic play, free updates, going out of home. However, there is a lack of previous basic features.