The Sims 4 Pets

Create, control, and manage with The Sims 4 Pets. Create your dream sim in that version of the game! You can plan everything, from their lives, to friends and enemies. Grant him with any skills you wish and make him master a profession. Do you want him to be a doctor? Go ahead and do it! His profession, along with everything else is only up to you!

Create your sims with the best personalities! Now you can manage a totally new generation! Can you imagine they became much smarter now? Yes, they are able to fulfill many tasks, and have much more emotions. The animation is also great in that game. You are given enormous chances of creating amazing stories.

New tools are very powerful and open you new creative horizons. The building mode is renovated, and provides you with many cool tools to create one of the best homes. Now you have a chance to create a unique design, and even alter and modify the size of the rooms by moving their walls. Make a room in your own unique style, and add some cool outfits you your sim’s look.

A player is given a special opportunity to share his creations. That’s possible thanks to a totally renewed Gallery. Here you can view, exchange, and download any content during the game. You will not even have to leave it. Your game now acquired totally new features and provides you with an exciting experience. You surely won’t have lack of fun now!