The Sims 4 City Living

Make a new world with new unique sims in The Sims 4 City Living on PC!

A cool life simulator is now on your mobile device! Play with new personalities; alter their homes, using all the details which were not available before. Your sims now can interact with other citizens, can create relationships with them and get different rewards. Set career goals for them, organize parties, and make them fall in love.

New sims are amazing. They have new appearances, including accessories, makeup, clothes, and hair styles. Your possibilities are multiple now and never-ending! For each sim you can choose character traits, and add them as soon as they acquire more experience.

Home building possibilities are fantastic. Create a totally new design, pick up from a wide range of furniture, decorations, color options, etc. Would love your sim to make tacos? That’s not a problem he can even think when taking a shower, go to a night club, or café.

There is a wider choice of professions now, from DJ to fashion designer. Beside career, your sim can have a cool hobby, like guitar, sport, or cooking. After they retire, all their skills, hobbies, traits, etc. contribute to their future generation. Let’s say, if your grandfather is a cook, his granddaughter can be a chef for celebrities. The sims can join different communities and attend events.