The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs

Make diversity of animals; change the lives of your sims from now and on by making pets for them. Look after your neighbors’ pets. That’s possible, now you are a vet in The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs.

Newest cool editor allows you to create animals with a specific appearance, their own inner world, and attractive clothes! These great friends will change your characters’ lives from now and on and will bring you lots of unknown and wonderful feelings. You can become the owner of your vet clinic in a picturesque town near the sea, where you will have a range of new chances for your characters and their companions!

Create people best friends by using an advanced editor of pet creating to find out your creative talent and develop unique animals. Pick up from a diversity of breeds, grant them with a one-of-a-kind personality and alter some of the features. You can easily change their colors with special patterns, create real-world animals, make a dream pet, or even really fairy-tale animals. Cool clothes and fashionable accessories will make them look special.

Communicate with your little friends! Your fluffy brothers will bring lots of happiness to your sims’ everyday being. Those pets are totally independent. They create special relations with the characters on the basis of their everyday communication. Your sims will look after pets, as though in real life. And those little friends will show their personality peculiarities and their animal habits from time to time.

Become a reputable vet and own a private hospital! Build a vet hospital, hire loyal workers, and show who the top vet in your city is. You have control over all the everyday activity, including the services and their prices. The characters are able to troubleshoot and cure little brothers, conduct surgeries, get rid of fleas, and treat other illnesses with the help of usual medicines.

You are in Brindleton-Bay! Investigate all the territories of a new universe, where your characters can be and have active rest along with their fluffies. Play ball on the beach; take a pleasant stroll to the beacon, or in the park. It’s possible even to meet other pets’ owners there. Pay attention to homeless animals as well, your sims might have a shelter for them at their home!