The Sims 3

The third of the Sims series was a real success. During the first week, 1.4 million copies were sold in the world. The release was prepared for 2009. The console versions were released in the next year.

The concept of the game is similar to the previous ones. Players maintain their sims, their relations, and activities similar to real life. There is no certain aim in the game. All the challenges are random, and depend on the lifestyle of each character, their skills, occupations, etc. it’s possible to get a boost or bonus by working overtime or fulfilling different tasks. For solving sims’ problems it’s necessary to use their skills, this can give you a bonus. For example, if you solve something connected to school life, you may gain improved performance in the aspect of school.

The Wishes system substitutes the Wants and Fears now. Making the wishes of the sims increases his lifetime happiness scores. It means you can buy lifetime bonuses for those points. There is a story progression option, which enables the sims to maintain their activity by themselves without your control. They live within the time set by a player, and go through different life stages, from babies to elders. Your characters may die when they are old and grey, or there is a possibility to end their life from different causes, such as flood, fire, starving, etc. The expansion packs include different death causes.

You can pick up from a huge amount of body types for your characters (weight, muscles, breast size..). The weight can’t be adjusted. You can adjust the skin tone from the light to dark ones. There is a possibility to choose the shoes; that was impossible before. Pick up from twenty-two female and seventeen male hairstyles. You can also choose the colors or textures of the accessories and hats. There are 8 basic hair colors, and a color wheel to pick the hair color. There is a much bigger amount of modifying options in the advanced mode. Modify the characters taking into account all the details; it’s even possible to create tattoos.

You can make a charismatic sim, he can play the guitar, sing the songs, etc. The skills can be built when they are toddlers. In case the skills are not expressed in the toddlers’ times, you can use that option once again in childhood already. There are basic skills, and an expansion pack, available from level 10. There is also a range of basic careers, and there are additional careers in the expansions pack.