The Sims 2018

A cool life simulator from Maxis is a real fun to play. The concept is the same, as in the previous game. The task is simulating real life by controlling different characters. The final aim of the game is not defined, so the end is absolutely open. Your character, with his own wishes, objectives, and fears might influence his further life. The lifetime can be up to ninety sim days, but everything depends on what you grant them with. They are able to go through six life stages. Although the game has not a defined end, there is a storyline in the neighborhoods. The events take place twenty-five years after the first game.

The year of its release is 2004. The game was a real success, while during the first ten days they sold one million of copies.

The sims are able to live just in residential lots, and travel to the community ones for buying different things. They can also communicate with their citizens. In Sims 2018 pick up among an existing populated lot, moving into an empty existing lot, or create a building on an empty one. Foundations are an innovation in that game.

You can switch from the live mode for controlling your sims to the buying mode (it serves for adding, moving and removing furniture). There is also a building mode for building your home. Keep in mind, that you can’t use the buying or building modes when being on a community lot, only on neighborhood view.

Each of the characters has six scales of needs, which you will have to meet from time to time. The most important of them are feeding, sleep, and toilet. If not to meet their needs, they might become miserable and even die. The furniture quality also plays a big role, the more expensive it is, the better the sim’s life and his safety level are. Each of them has his comfort scale, affecting his wellness and mood. If it’s muddy, his mood will be spoiled. If the needs of the sims are not satisfied, they might become nervous, naughty, and even can see hallucinations.