Sims 4 mods

There are more than 20 additions for The Sims 4 currently. They can be played uniquely with the basic version of the game. Four of them are additions; five others are playing packages, and eleven – accessories catalogues.

Find out more on each of them below!

“To Work”!  Your sims are able to work now and master new professions. They can even be seen to work by you. Moreover, that addition enables you to run a shop, boutique, hire employees, etc. The aliens are available here again. The sims may get new skills.

Have fun together! Create a group with your sims. That package allows to create the groups of interests (book fans, sport group, or even a band. Your sims will join different social groups now. You and your friends can invite sims of each other, and decide where to meet and what to do.

Outdoors activities! This time you can travel with your sims. Camping – what can be more exciting? Any outdoor activity is available here.

Spa day! Your sims and you deserve timeout this time! Go to Wellness-center and relax a bit. Here your sims can get massage, participate in yoga courses, go to sauna. A healthy life style can be mastered by your characters now. Get rid of the negative emotions, relax and be happy with your sims.

At the restaurant! Run your own restaurant or go to the restaurant for a date.

City life! Your sims can inhabit the apartment in different city blocks. Now they can search for their own apartment, and choose among different blocks. They can have a career of a politician, or master singing skills. The sims can participate in different events and festivals.

Vampires! Want your sims to be immortal? Your sims may have new life objectives here, a good vampire, the vampire family, or the master of vampires.

Parents! Grow your own sims-kids. There are five personality traits the parents can influence: manners, responsibility, conflict solving, mercy, and control over emotions. Each of them can make any of the additional traits stronger, both negative and positive ones.

Cats and dogs! Look after the pets and run the best vet clinic in town.

There is also a huge catalogue with accessories in that version of the game.