The Sims Games Online

The Sims is one of the most bestselling and successful games in the history of gaming. That is the video games series developed by a game-designer Will Wright in the life simulator genre.


The games of The Sims series are closer to linearity genre, while they do not contain any determined goals. A player should create virtual humans (“sims”), puts those humans in their homes, monitors their behavior, helps them meet the needs and grant their wishes. Gamers can put their sims in the existing homes (and renovate them if they wish) or build their own homes. Each of the expansion packs increases player’s possibilities by adding new features, issues, and worlds.

What was the designer’s inspiration? Will Wright was encouraged for the Sims development when he lost his own home in the Oakland firestorm of 1991. As a result, he had to start a totally new life. In the process of recovering his home and property, he had an idea to implement that life experiment into a game. After sharing his thoughts with Maxis Board of Directors, they didn’t give an essential financial support and were pretty skeptic towards his idea.  EA directors purchased Maxis in 1997 and they decided to build the whole Sim-franchise.

According to Wright, The Sims was initially supposed to be a satire on the USA consuming culture. He was getting his ideas from architectural and psychological books. The Sims consists of five actual parts.

 The Sims 

That’s the first game of the series created by Maxis and issued by EA. The first life simulator among games appeared in 2000. There were 7 additions and 2 Delux editions with an exclusive content.

The Sims 2 

The continuation of the well-known The Sims life simulator was released in 2004 in the USA. The world of the game is 3D now, there was added a system of “wishes and fears”, genetics of the characters, and 3 new age periods, including infancy (where you must manage to teach a baby toddling, talk, and potty-train), youth (a teenager analogy), and old age. The mood of the characters depends on the fulfillment of their needs. There is a chance of building the houses with four floors, including fundament. There are also 3 new areas.

 The Sims 3 

The version was released in 2009. The key feature of it is the open world in a town, where the characters live. It’s possible to watch them going to work or somewhere else, and to send them visiting other sims. There are different additions allowing to install new skills. It’s possible to build basements, and send your sims to your friend playing The Sims 3.

 The Sims 4 

It was released in 2014. It doesn’t require a constant internet connection, as well as the previous versions. The improved system of emotions, building option, and a character’s consciousness editor are the key features of the game. It’s possible to change the height of the buildings, fundaments, etc.  A system of characters’ mood was implemented. However, it contains a range of disadvantages, comparing to Sims 3.

 The Sims Medieval 

It is comparable The Sims 5. Here you can become a king or a generous knight, street actor or an evil wizard. The version contains the RPG-game elements. It is different from The Sims play because of the absence of aging, managing one character, absence of families, two needs, etc. There is also one deity in that version (that is the player actually). Thus, the society is pretty religious.

According to Maxis producer, they are not going to release The Sims 5 for now. It will depend on the success of the Sims 4 totally.

Up to 2016, there were sold over 200 million of the game copies around the globe.